Do you know this feeling ?

The feeling that you feel when you are in a car which is going so fast that it's hard to see clearly through the windows.
When you are on a straight road, with the volum of the music at the maximum.
The feeling which make coming a smile on your face, because you feel immortal, & free.
When you are driving to an unknown destination.
When you are driving just for the pleasure of leading.
When you want to go far away.

You're enjoying the landscapes slipping under your eyes.
You're maybe alone in this car, or maybe with people that you want to be with,
You're maybe laughing with them, singing with them.
As you wish.
But this feeling allows you just to escape of what you want to leave behind you or inside you,
Physically, but especially morally.
Because, only listening to this music so loud can't let think.
& it's necessary sometimes to stop thinking.

So, did you know this feeling ?